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Upgrading my teenagers car audio system, and need help on amplifier to purchase. Here is what I have component wise:

Pioneer DEH-X6600BT head unit
Two 3.5 in factory speakers in dash
Two Alpine SPS-610C speakers in front doors
Two Alpine SPS-619 speakers in rear deck
Two Alpine SWA-12S4 12" sub woofers in trunk

I want to buy One HERTZ HE 4 (HE4.1) Energy 4-Ch. Car Audio Speaker Amplifier Sub Amp 400W.

I plan to run the two 3.5 in dash speakers and the two Alpine 6 1/4 in door speakers from the Pioneer head unit

I would like to run the two Alpine 6x9 rear deck speakers and the two Alpine subwoofers (bridged) from the 4 channel Hertz amplifier, but I am concerned that bridging the 4 ohm amps out of the 4ohm amplifier channel is a problem.

I have not purchased the Hertz amp, so I am not tied to it, but would like to keep the build above and use just a single amp if possible. Any feedback would be great.
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