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Against my better judgement, I caved to peer pressure and went to see ALI with the lovely Wendi and some friends.

What a piece of CRAP this movie is. Grant you, I don't have much respect for Ali in the first place but that is beside the point. The movie sucked. Will Smith did, I think, a fair Ali impersonation as did Jon Voigt with Cosell. The movie was a very slow, Oliver Stone knock-off. Very slow, very tedious.

I dunno, maybe we were supposed to gain some keen insight into Ali's mind and we were supposed to see how super-evolved he was but I don't see it. I saw him as a barely literate, crowd following, draft dodging womanizer. Great role model.

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    I went to see "Lord of the Rings" last night but the guy in front of me got the last ticket! ****. You'd think it wouldn't be sold out in its second week and on a Thursday night. Anyway, I ended up seeing "Ali" instead. I pretty much agree with every Troy said. I also think you have to know something about Ali to appreciate the movie. Me, I really didn't know anything about him going into the movie. Even though I don't really know anything about the actual people, I thought the acting was very good. In the end I was happy that the long and boring movie was over, and yes, it was a waste of my $6.75.

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    Huh. Yeah, I'm getting this impression.

    A not-so-good review:

    Still, it's a Michael Mann film... I wish these obviously great and visionary directors would make some really great films. Ridley, what's with this HANNIBAL crap and now this new war movie?

    I'm not sure how I feel about Ali as a role model. I mean... Hmmm. I'm going to avoid getting political here. I do know that it's pretty funny seeing Ali now -- what a great advertisement for the sport of boxing!


    PS -- Troy, call Polk Customer Service and ask em for the LSi Dealer in your area! They have a growing list of dealers who actually have the product you can go hear! (As I stated in another post.)
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    ...and we were supposed to see how super-evolved he was but I don't see it. I saw him as a barely literate, crowd following, draft dodging womanizer. Great role model.

    Still, it's a Michael Mann film

    This means nothing. So what, even MM can produce crap. Ali looked like crap from the trailer, that right there was telling me to stay away. Will Smith cannot act. Besides, who in gods name would want to see a movie about Ali in the frist place? Of course you are talking about a guy who could give a rats **** about any sport on the planet.....sports suck. There all corrupt anyway.

    As for Black Hawk Down, looks good. Won't see it in the theater, but I'll buy the DVD.

    As for directors, there first movies are usually the best, as with most music bands. After that, they bend over for THE MAN and become PC. They go after the all-mighty green back and forget about movie making. It's all down hill from there.

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    aaron.... don't give up, you NEED to see LOTR in theater's

    micah.... ridley's new movie looks pretty good, and it seems to be getting some good reviews, i might actually watch this in the theater.

    as for ali, i may rent it....maybe:confused:
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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    ...for NO CONTENT.....

    I kind of see what Mann was shooting for but his subject matter was a bust. Ali was a moron who couldn't think on his own. His IQ at best, hovered around room temperature.

    As far as the draft biz goes, this is it in a nutshell. He knew he would never go to Vietnam, so did his "associates". The conscientious objector thing? BS. Opposed to violence? C'mon, he beat the **** out of people for a living. The only difference between Sonny Liston and the Viet Cong is there was no coin to be made on the latter. They rolled the dice that his legal battle would last less time than military service doing USO type appearances. It was all about money.

    I do feel sorry for him in the sense that he was railroaded by the people around him and he wasn't smart enough to figure it out.


    -rant over-
    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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    good enough for me... I'm not going to see this movie...Thanx Troy...
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