How to Configure Multiple Side Surround Speakers for a Large Home Theater

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I am planning to build a large home theater with 30 theater seats, configured in 4 rows (8/7/7/8), in a room 26 feet wide by 35feet long with 10 feet ceiling height. Given the length of the room and the 4 row configuration, I plan to go with 4 side surround speakers (instead of the typical 2) to ensure that all 4 rows are filled with a full presentation of surround sound. With this goal in mind, I have 2 sets of Polk FXi5s for the side surrounds which will be driven by an outboard 4 channnel amplifier. My question is, given the 4 row configuration and size of the room, where should I locate the 4 FXi5 relative to the 4 rows? Should I set the speakers for Dipole or Bipole or a combination of the two? Should I configure the second set of FXi5s such that they are reverse sides from the first set? Are 2 sets of FXi5s unnecessary even for a room of this width and length?

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