Why Does My PC Sound Worse than BD or DVR? How Do I Improve the Sound?



  • SherardpSherardp Posts: 8,051
    edited July 2014
    Asus sound card and be done with it.
    Shoot the jumper.....................BALLIN.............!!!!!

    Home Theater Pics in the Showcase :cool:

  • RamZetRamZet Posts: 776
    edited July 2014
    Can you use the optical out of the PC and run it into the Pioneer VSX?

    Also if you right click the speaker on the start bar and click playback devices it will show you the current device that is enabled. Right click it and select properties, go to enhancements and disable all. Then Right click it again and select configure. Select stereo and full range speakers.

    If you have the realtek driver installed and you have the orange speaker icon near your clock you want to do the same thing. Open it and disable the enhancements, set the speakers to full with bass management.
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