Best Canon Rebel for Video?

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Ok, well for almost 3 years now I've had a Sony DSC-H20 that I got for my birthday. During the last few years I became a YouTube Partner. I really want a camera that can have stunning video quality and I want to know out of all the rebels which one would be the best for me? I just checked the new T4i that came out a few months ago and its close to $1K. I really can't afford that since I am still in high school. I just noticed that my Sony camera lacks the video quality I desire. If I purchase a T2i since its relatively less expensive then the T3-T4 would I still get the same video quality as the T3i and T4i? Or maybe should I get some totally different camera that has even better video quality? Any input greatly appreciated.

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    It seems from your posting that you are an avid fan/user of photo gear. I own an older rebel (one of the first Ti models) and it does what it was built to do very very well, take pictures. Now days its all about combining as many features as possible into one item, but you will give up some quality in one area or another. I'd recommend going with stand alone video camera and one that stores on SDHC or older tape. The reasoning is for editing, When I was into doing car videos (amature) It was very easy to transfer all still shots and video onto a PC/Mac and do the editing for a final project and retain all of the quality of the footage. The only reason to have lower quality is when you have to compress the final project to post on Youtube, that have size limits on uploads. The ideal situation is to be able to have your own/school site that will allow you to host your videos in a higher quality and stream them yourself.
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