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This is not intended to be mind blowing, but just a quick observation from this morning.

I've never known if I could hear the difference between music streaming bitrates, but chose to use MOG mostly based on it offering the highest at 320 kbps. I figured why not.

I have been streaming Spotify's free version at 160 kbps for the past couple months since MOG announced it changeover to Beats.

Most of my listening is through my Audioengine A2's using a Jolida Glass DAC mini on my desktop.

Well, MOG hasn't shut down yet, so today I opened it up and played some Diana Krall...........Significant difference.

After listening to Spotify exclusively for at least two hours a day over the past two months and then switching to MOG, I noticed a significant improvement in sound quality.

Spotify says they offer 320 kbps on their premium version, but I was hoping to avoid the $10 per month and just stick with Spotify's free version.....but after today, looks like I'll be switching.
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    320kbps is not too bad as far as lossy goes. Way back when, when I had an ipod shuffle, I opted for 320, and found it pretty acceptable.
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    My Onkyo Avr has Spotify built-in, to be honest It is so close to CD quality that I really can't tell the difference. I've tried many times playing the two formats, switching inputs and no noticeable difference with my budget setup anyway. Spotify 320 im sure isnt perfect but sounds very nice to me with well mastered recordings.
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