Feeler: Polk Audio DSW MicroPro 3000

blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
edited April 2014 in For Sale (FS) Classifieds
Not sure if I am going to complete my second system anytime in near future so seeing if someone else may have the need/want to pick up a great sub for their system. The sub is about a year and a half old, but was only used the last few months to add a little extra ooomph to my Mythos STS setup. I rarely throw out boxes, but haven't located the one for this one yet (a great reason to keep the better halfs away from our hobbies), but if shipping was required I could get one from polk. However, if anyone is in the SD or LA area we could meet up and avoid shipping costs. Looking for around $650 plus shipping. If there is interest I will add some pics. Thanks for the time to check out the post and any feedback is appreciated.

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