polk db691 (3 way 6x9 speaker) install 2002 dodge ram 1500

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Recently purchased the speakers mentioned in the title - been a fan of polk for a while so shout out to them for making great products…

Dodge factory front speakers are 6x9s and recently blew em..14 year old speakers so didn't take much but they finally gave out..so I upgraded to these polks..The problem is, the metal frame of the speaker (the "V", connecting the cone to the magnet) hits the cavity walls in the door where this speaker should fit. I know not all dimentions are equal, but must have missed a measurement. Anyways, I'm assuming I need spacers, but wondering if simple universal 6x9s will work, or polk sells some specifically for their speaker - Thanks in advance

(Current set-up in toy vehicle (('95 Tahoe))
Kenwood HU (ddx) - should upgrade but blehh
Front speakers - Polk DB components
Rear speakers - same
Subs - Polk DB 1222 (2 12" with included ported box - hits hard, best enclosure by far) in trunk
2 Kicker comps 8" under the back seat

Mono block amps - Crunch GPA2000.1 (12")
MTX THUNDER500.1 (8")
Need new ideas for replaced Crunch mono block - ideas?
With Rockford Fosgate RFC capacitors - dual battery/upgraded larger alternator
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    I used to have a 2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab myself. The stock speaker openings wont accept a lot of aftermarket 6x9's so youll have to do some modifications. I actually had to cut some sheet metal. Not a whole lot but still had to trim some. If you have a Dremmel, just get a metal cutoff wheel and its really not hard at all. Takes about 10 minutes per door. And you wont have to cut enough that you wont be able to re-mount the OEM speakers if you ever decide to sell your truck.

    You can also make spacers yourself out of 3/4" MDF. Youll need a jigsaw though but its still not hard at all.
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    I've made spacers out of 3/8" "plastic" cutting board (available at WallyWorld, $ General, etc.). MDF can crumble IF it gets moisture on it. The cutting board should run < $10, & cuts as easily as MDF. I've also cut the OEM speaker frame off the spiders, magnet & woofer, & used it as a spacer, IF it's thick enough to match the depth of the impression method below:

    I've applied a layer of mortite clay to the backside of the speaker magnet & pressed against the opening to get a mold of where the sheet metal interferes. Playdough would work. Seems like you can make it out of ingredients found in the kitchen?