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Ok, I just got my chat adapter and it included the 4 pole mini to mini that attaches my melee to my chat adapter.

This made me wonder if I could hook it into my MacBook and record some audio using the near field mic. I hooked it up and sure enough, I was able to record via the near-field mic.
So I recorded a little test to compare the near-field to my apple headset that came with my iPhone.

Here is the test:

My conclusions:

The gain is fairly low vs the apple earbuds, but not terrible.

The audio Quality was fine. It was not as bright as the apple headset, but thats not a bad thing.

I really think that with a firmware/system update Microsoft (with polk and other's help) they can make our headsets sound just fine.

I hope this helps to clear some of the confusion about the hardware up.
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    Also, When you stow the near-field mic up into the headset, it mutes the mic altogether. I had been wondering if some of these people complaining had it retracted, and were making it sound muffled, due to it being inside the headset. This does not appear to be possible because it does in fact mute the mic when you do that.
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    I agree that it seems to be Microsoft's problem. I have been using my Melee headset on the 360 for two weeks now with the same friends I have played daily with for over 3 years. Not one has mentioned a difference in voice volume. I have yet to tell them I am using a new headset versus my old Turtle Beach headset to see if anyone would notice. We play objective based games so communication is very important. BTW my game play has improved since switching to the Polk Melee.