What streaming music service do you use?



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  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 12,520
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    Bud - Silicon Valley

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  • verbverb Posts: 8,866
    Im digging Tophat Radio🎩

    Where/How do I subscribe? :smile:
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  • steveinazsteveinaz Posts: 19,108
    I'm using Amazon HD on the main system, and Pandora (free) out by the pool.
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  • tonybtonyb Posts: 31,711
    On the sonos, I'm using Tidal, Napster, my downloaded cd's, and giving Amazon a try.

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  • tophatjohnnytophatjohnny Posts: 2,748
    THJ RADIO. no looking back. 🎩
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
  • joecoulsonjoecoulson Posts: 4,031
    I'm with Dave - how do we get a subscription Johnny?
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  • WagnerRCWagnerRC Posts: 1,990
    I will sell the cd collection for 1500.00 or obo
  • xschopxschop Posts: 1,108
    Live x Live Premium... 320kbps and they always seem to know which jazz/blues artist fits the bill for the day.
  • WagnerRC wrote: »
    I will sell the cd collection for 1500.00 or obo
    Congrats and looks like you already sold it too. At a fraction of what I invested but still a smsll fraction of my digital library which is nearing the 30k album mark. It grows like a weed I tell ya so never a need for pay services. Plus there are no pay to listen service providers that can deliver the ear candy I'm spoiled with. 😂😂😂🎩radio!
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it & remember folks, "It's All About The Music"!!
  • mpitogompitogo Posts: 401
    edited November 2019
    Apple Music Family. I used to do Tidal.
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  • Polkitup2Polkitup2 Posts: 1,548
    Was using Amazon HD until today when all of sudden nothing works after they updated the app for Mac. I'll give it a couple of days to see of they fix otherwise one less subscriber here.

  • kevhed72kevhed72 Posts: 3,838
    Right now Im only using free internet radio via my 2 Auralic Aries minis. Some of the stations stream 254 or 320 kbps....most stations are lower than this but free is free. I would like to try Tidal but weary of spending a whole 10 bucks a month right now. Also, I agree that Tidals marketing, albeit minimal, is off target. They should be going for jazz, classical, ambient, alt, and 'classic' rock listeners. Rap and pop groupies dont give a 🐀's **** about SQ. There are already plenty of services to find that music.
  • TIDAL still sounds the best for me. I tried Qobuz and the desktop app kept crashing under Windows 10 and my friend Steve had the same experience. I'm trying Amazon HD but it doesn't seem to have the capability of doing *bitperfect* using either Wasapi or ASIO. Until they get that straightened out, the quality will not measure up to TIDAL no matter what the bitrate. If it gets resampled by the Windows kernel mixer it sounds like crap.
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  • I haven't dipped my toes into that puddle yet, but i'm very interested in the indications of this thread.
    AKA "Moose68Bash" before Vanilla involuntarily decommissioned my original handle.
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