Build question on Polk 4 shot

Sacrinis Posts: 41
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I have mine and there is a little wiggle room back and forth on the area that is circled. I just want to make sure that this is normal and I do not have a defective product because down the line I do not want to have it break.
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  • Sacrinis
    Sacrinis Posts: 41
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    Also is there anyway to tighten this area? I didnt actually look for a screw to tighten.
  • Metallic30
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    I'm actually wondering the same thing. Mine wiggle as well.
    I love these headphones so far, just a little worried about build quality.
    OCD doesn't help lol.
  • Bamf
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    mine move very little. not even enough for me to justify trying to tighten it (even with my OCD). I think that play is there to ensure that the headphones swivel left and right easily. There is no screw to tighten it that I can see. I wouldnt worry too much about it. Unless there is a significant amount of play there, in that case I would contact Polk for warranty issues.