4 shot Anyone else having this problem?

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Ok of course the chat mic firmware is messed up as we all know but I have noticed something else that annoys me. When I use buttons on the chat adapter to raise or lower volumes it automatically changes volume on the opposite volume im changing. For example: if I turn the game volume up, chat volume lowers. Is this part of the firmware problem or am I missing something? An instruction manual would have been nice polk just saying.
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    The buttons on the left side are to adjust the mix of game audio and incoming chat volume. All the way up and you are only going to hear game audio, all the way down and you will only hear chat. The buttons on the right are the master volume.
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    ^^ this

    Be aware this is a standard feature on the X1 adaptor and not specific to Polk

    I'm using my TBz11 with the same adaptor that came with the Polk (the mic is FINE with the same adaptor I might add) and it's exactly the same functionality

    Right side master volume
    Left side mix balance between chat and game
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    thanks guys I just needed to know how it worked because it seemed like an elder scrolls puzzle lol if you pull this lever you open one gate but close another haha but know that I know how it works it makes sense know.