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I own a Pioneer Elite sc-63 myself but my dad just picked up a vsx-523k to upgrade over an old yamaha he had.

The issue is i get nothing from the hdmi output on it, to let him watch tv i had to swap things around so that his cable box and bluray player hooked directly up to the tv. then i have to swap an optical cable around depending on what he wants to watch to get sound.

I would much rather hook it up the correct way and run the cable box into the cab/sat hdmi input and the blueray to bd, then the output hdmi to the input on the tv.

My only guess is that panasonic plasma tv's must be somewhat picky on what devices are fed to them with hdmi because i had a samsung avr before i went with the pioneer elite in my own system and after a while the stopped seeing the samsung avr.

any suggestions?
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    Also I'm reading that to get to the setup menu you need an rca cable, I don't seem to be getting a picture with that either.

    also, as for the hdmi output I even tried hooking it up to a samsung monitor that i had sitting around and that thing normally plays anything. Its like all video output isn't working for some reason.
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    I got it working, I think it was a bad hdmi cable.
  • Sorry to bump so many years later but I needed to say a few things. The Pioneer elite sc-63 that was mine turned into a gigantic piece of broken junk with its HDMI audio dropouts and one day it went out and never came back. I tried to do a chip reflow after it died but that went spectacularly bad with other chips launching themselves off the board, but it was dead already so was worth a shot. Since my above posts my dad has passed on and I have his Pioneer vsx-523 and take a wild guess what its problem is? HDMI audio dropouts. I had to make an alexa routine to turn the receiver off and back on and use that 600x a day.

    I will NEVER buy any Pioneer junk again and I hope none of you do either. I wish I had known this years ago.

    But oh wait it gets better. The DSWpro660wi subwoofer I bought from Polk and complained here about its constant loud popping died too, I don't think it ever worked right but at the time I didn't know it. I have a klipsch one in its place and the $600 polk one is now a cat table because I have no idea how to get it fixed.

    Does anyone know of a way to fix the sub? maybe swap its guts out with replacement parts etc. This is well beyond the warranty time so I'll have to fix it myself.
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    I’ve had a whole bunch of Pioneer Elite receivers and never had a problem that I didn’t create.
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    Pioneer and Onkyo both got hit by bad IIRC Texas Instruments chips that cause major HDMI boards problems.
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    Pioneer Elite Receivers are some of my favorites. Never had an issue..
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    I've had an SC-57 since 2012 with no issues and a SC-97 for a shorter number of years but also no issues with it. A bad HDMI board can and does happen with all brands of receiver. Sometimes it's caused by excessive heat buildup if a receiver doesn't have enough space to vent the heat from the processors or amplifier section. Receivers these days run hot because they have powerful processors in them. Sometimes the defective processing boards also just happen over time with all brands because the manufacturers did not put adequate heat dissipation on the boards. There are also a whole lot of cheap parts inside a receiver that can just go bad for no reason.

    Regarding the Polk subwoofers I usually say trash it and get something better. The amplifier sections usually don't last much beyond the warranty period although there are exceptions with those too.
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