PA D2000.2 and one sub (how & SVC or DVC)?

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Hi. Looking at a PA D2000.2 amp to drive a single sub. I realise it's simpler to use a (for example) PD D1000.1 amp, but the 2000.2 is available and says it will do a single sub in 'bridging mode'.

So what I need to know is:

1. Should I get an SVC or DVC sub (looking at the MM840 or MM840DVC as I'm limited in space and don't want huge bass).

The input is coming from a Rockford Fosgate 3SIXTY.3 Signal Processor

2. Because of the bridging mode in the amp, does that mean I need to feed 2 line level inputs to the sub (which I think I can do from the Fosgate)? Does the bridging mean '2 inputs to 1 output'? Or does it mean simply the two channels inside the amp are bridged regardless of how many inputs?

The rest of the setup is a VW RNS510 headunit to the Fosgate, then to a PA D4000.4 to drive MM6501 fronts and MM5251 rears.
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