it's a new test for a free tt

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As Fridays go this is a pretty good one if this all workd out. The dude who I was supposed to get the Dual from just upped and left the scene. No cares that this was a snow emergency week and only official cars that had to be on the road was there Now clearly this guy did not get the Governs" hint and that it should be obeyed or get a nice $250 ticket at the minimum.So I find another guy also a Dual different type and was pretty expensive for me at this time.The night of the Dave Mason concert which I did not give glowing reviews said the opening Dead cover band sucked and I have seen and heard DM A whole lot better. Anyway at a bar some people gave me some leads for this town some were ok some not. I checked all n/g and today being Friday I give it my shot and to my amazment there was a tt at this house in Homdel. I have no idea what # itis ,how old or what type of cart as long as it's NOT A P-MOUNT STYLE.It's not and is a BSR #62sx and the serial# is A520838. What it's worth and how old ,I'll leave that up to Doc.Hardey
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