New Marantz SA-8005 SACD player- interesting price point



  • polkfarmboypolkfarmboy Posts: 5,724
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    The 8004 sounds fantastic but if my ps audio perfectwave transport did sacd I would not have a need for it.
  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,254
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    I have both the oppo103 & marantz 8005, with the oppo in my living room in my HT set-up and the 8005 in my 2 ch set-up.

    I choose the marantz for my 2ch set-up for easier set-up with my pre-amp. and I can't use my HT set-up for SACD or music very often cause someones always in there. thats why I had to create a 2ch set-up in my computer room.

    1st my hearing is very damaged and I have a ringing in my ear 24/7. and I don't have a Audiophile ear or experience as the equipment I've heard isn't enough to make those comments.

    but I will say I enjoy both of these set-ups and use my HT for the hybrid sacd when I want to hear something like "pink Floyd's" Darkside of the moon in 5.1 :) but mainly do all my listening to music in my 2ch/computer room.

    2 different setup's and 2 different sounds but both sound awesome to me!

    I just pray I never have to go through what Frank had to and everyone should pay heed to what he has told us!
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    I bet my old marantz 8004 would smash any stock oppo bdp.

    The Marantz is a dedicated player the Oppo 105 is a Universal player what are you compairing?
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  • ChristoChristo Posts: 30
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    I had a similar experience with the 8004 comparing it to a PS Audio Perfectwave DAC. The Marantz was just as good for a much lower price. Sold the PS Audio....
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