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Does anyone know the history on these speakers? i picked up a pair at a thrift store for 6 bucks. it was hard finding info, I did find out that they are from Vintage 1978-1980. Are they considered a great find? Are they valuable yet? I'd like to sell them but the cabinets with the info were painted over but still in good condition.
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    They were sold in the '70s... This was Koss' first foray in loudspeakers... Their totl model was the Koss CM1030 floor standers. The speakers were finished in pecan veneer and were noted for their mid-range clarity and bass for their size. They were not great sellers and I doubt they would ever be valuable as vintage ARs or JBLs from that era. I thought they were decent and had a nice balance (I owned a pair of CM1030s)...
  • I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is looking for any information or assistance relating to the old Koss CM line of speakers (CM/1030, CM/1020, CM/1010, and the CM/530 referred to in this thread, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    Jeff Mackwood

    ps. I've owned Koss CM loudspeakers since 1978, and currently have multiple pairs of CM/1030s, as well as a pair each of the CM/1020 and CM/1010. However it was only this year that I finally acquired a pair of CM/530 - largely because I, for some reason, dismissed them as a poor sibbling of the others. How wrong I was! They are a very good speaker in their own right, and I've now got a lot of hours in listening to my pair.
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    I to owned a pair of CM 1030's. Loved them.
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    Pair of 1030s here. They are decent loudspeakers.
    20343761742_075ee6957b_b.jpgKoss CM1030s by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

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