Pioneer Amp Fuse blow! Why?

Shatterspike Posts: 2
edited January 2014 in Car Audio & Electronics
Okay so I have 2 P3's (Rockford Fosgate) 12' Subs hooked up to a Pioneer 800 watt Mono Block Amp, then from the amp hook up to a capacitor then from there to the battery.

I have this exact set up in an older truck and it worked just fine. But now its in an Infinity and the stupid people before me installing a "system" screwed up the remote wire from the Deck.

Long story short the remote wire goes to the amp but the amp wont turn on, unless you have a wire bridge from the 12V port on the amp to the remote.

It bumps, but if i turn it up a little louder both my 30A fuses in the Amp blow. Is the remote wire problem the result of this?