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HT: SRT's.....Pioneer SC95, Oppo 105D; ps4; Mitsubishi 1080p 82" DLP; DirecTV

2 ch: SRS 1.2tl's.....Odyssey Stratos monos, Dynaco PAS pre w/Mods, Arcam DV-135, Music Hall MMF 5, AQ wires

Bedroom: SRS 3.1tl's, RTA 8T (phantom center), Pioneer sc-lx701, Mitsubishi 1080p 82" DLP, DirecTV, ps3

Car: SR 6500's.....Planet Audio HVT752 tube hybrid amps (2), Alpine dvd-a double din HU, two 12" Kicker's
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    test 2
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    FWIW, the Polk Forums have been a little random in recent weeks in terms of image uploads to the forum (if that's germane).

    Photo hosting sites have a lot goin' for 'em in that regard - 'specially the ones, like Flikr, with relatively unlimited bandwidth even for their free version.

    Just opinions, of course...
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    Man cave:
    120" screen
    Epson 8350 projector
    4 Tap Kegerator

    AVR: Onkyo 818
    Sub: SVS 25-31 PCi
    Fronts: RTi 8s
    Center: CSi5
    Surrounds: FXi 30s
    Rears: Monitor 50s
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