Eclipse 8122DVC 12" aluminum subwoofer

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I have an extra one of these for sale as I put 1 in my small car and it has more than enough output for me. This brand is defunct but if you read reviews on the internet you'll see it was highly revered for sound quality. I put mine in a 1.0 cu ft. sealed enclosure and I am very happy with the results. Here are the specs.

Eclipse 8122 DVC:
fs: 27
qts: 0.30
qms: 5
dcr: 4 ohm/coil
vas: 3.2 cuft
xmax (one-way): 1.3 in
re: 500 watts

Condition is great/excellent considering it has literally been sitting in my closet for most of its life.

I would love to find someone local to Northern Virginia/DC to pick this up as it is probably 40 lbs. That said, if you're interested let me know and I could potentially box it up and ship it.

I'm looking for $99 for it which I think is a steal compared to anything else you could get for the same price.
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