PS4 titles, what do you have?

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Hey guys. Just curious what titles everyone has for the PS4, and what you think of what you currently own? My current titles and quick thoughts on those titles:

-Warframe: Free to play 3rd person co-op shooter. A "microtransaction" game that I previously played on the PC. If my PC experience is correct, you'll end up dumping 5 or 10 bucks into guns, etc for this game. Very fun, but something you'll want to play with a crew of friends versus trying to run through solo. Worth downloading b/c of the price if nothing else.

-NBA 2k14: This is apparently one of the launch titles that really highlights the next generation graphics of the PS4. And I'd agree. Player models are fluid and you immediately know who is who solely by looking at their faces. Game play is a blast, and I've been sucked into the "My Career" mode more than anything else. The animations just feel right, and the announcer presentation is absolutely exceptional in my book. The announcing really does sound as fluid as a live TV broadcast. If you like sports games, this is a great purchase for the PS4.

-COD Ghosts: I bought this solely bc a friend has it for the PS4 as well. It's very pretty, I can say that at least. I haven't dug into single player at all, and only played online a couple of times. Between NBA sucking up all my spare time, and me preferring a keyboard/mouse setup for shooters.......I'm probably not the best person to review this game. I kind of regret picking it up now, but suppose I'll get used to shooting with a controller again.

-Assassins Creed 4: This is being delivered to my house today. Supposedly the graphics are amazing, and one of the best things about the game is the very open world you get to play in. Multiple reviewers have noted that "getting lost" is as much fun as playing through the actual "missions". So I haven't put hands on this yet, but am very much looking forward to it.

-Flower: This is the highest rated PS4 game on IGN's website. More of a "meandering visual and audio experience" than a traditional game. I think I'll be purchasing this tonight since it's only 7 bucks, and shows off the next gen graphics of the PS4.

-Pinball: Downloaded both "free" pinball games for the PS4. Both have fun concepts, but both are also part of the "nickel and dime you to death genre" of games, where you have to buy individual or bundled pinball tables to really enjoy the experience here. I'll probably leave one of these installed on my system, but don't see enough value here to warrant in-game purchases (unless you reaaaaalllly like pinball.)

That's all I have in the stable as of now. NBA is a must own in my book. AC4, I suspect, will also be a must own. On the flip side, I'm staying well away from Madden 25, as most reviewers seem to prefer the PS3 version over the PS4.
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    I should be shipping 3 of these next week so get ready Polkies.
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    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag (immensely fun, gorgeous, and HUGE in scope... have already beaten and devoured all the DLC. Still so much to do)

    NBA 2k14 (best showpiece for the next Gen graphics)

    Flower (nice little update to the PS3 classic; much like Journey in that it's more of an emotional, calming gaming experience. Great representation of the slew of Indie games Sony likes to put out. Those on the fence should definitely give it a dry. Different, if anything else).

    Don't Starve (Minecraft-type game with a cool visual style. I just can't get into that kind of gameplay. Bores me to no end.)

    Zen Pinball 2 (A more "arcadey" collection of pinball games than Pinball Arcade... go figure. Def opt for Pinball Arcade first, though both are free to demo).

    Sounds and Shapes (Another indie game... and a music lover's delight. Classic platforming set to awesome beats and music created thru board progression. Those with a good sound system should enjoy this one immensely.)

    Contrast (Great style and a nifty take on the platforming genre. Pretty short, but worth the $15)

    Resogun (Awesome update of the old school Defender-like shooters. Girlfriend finds this to be her favorite... as do most PS4 owners it appears.)

    But the one of I've been playing most is Pinball Arcade. Dear Lord... is that one addictive. Have bought pretty much every table individually (should have opted for the Season 1 pack, but had no idea I would get so hooked). An absolute must for anyone brought up on the tables of the '80's thru mid-'90's.
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    For an update, don't buy NBA2K unless you have LOTS of spare time. Holy crack batman. It's certainly not perfect, but is pretty amazing.

    I picked up Flower for the girl, and she was thoroughly unimpressed. I think I had more fun with it than she did, but I was honestly a bit underwhelmed at the "next gen graphics."

    Don't Starve on the other hand was a different story. I showed her the basics last night and didn't get my controller back for nearly 2 hours..........must learn from this mistake.......I just didn't expect her to live 10 days her very first go at it.

    So you'd recommend Pinball Arcade over Zen? Interesting. I tinkered a little with both, but they both looked like a "microtransaction death trap", so I didn't get very involved. I'll give Arcade another look.

    I also need to fire AC4 back up, but basketball is eating up my spare time right now.
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    COD Ghosts (First COD I've owned. Played single player only but still a lot of fun.)

    Assassin's Creed 4 (Huge world and great gameplay. Probably my favorite game.)

    Knack (Bought this for my young boy's to play and they love it!! They are 5 and 4 and they are surprisingly good at it. I play along and it is a good family game.)

    Need for Speed ( Okay for a racing game. Another purchase just so I can get my wife to play. She is just not into FPS.)
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    I wish GTA 5 on PS4 that would be awesome also dieing waiting for Uncharted 4 :P
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    The latest one I have added was COD Ghost and GTAV.
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    blakekaepv wrote: »
    The latest one I have added was COD Ghost and GTAV.

    GTA 5 for the PS4?

    I think I am going to pickup the new Tomb Raider. It looks pretty good.
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  • The latest one I have added was COD Ghost and GTAV.
  • My last ones were Spider-Man, God of War and Doom. Also Gundam Breaker