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Source 1: PC
Source 2: Rega Apollo
DAC: McIntosh D-100
Preamp: Audio Research LS-26
Power Amp: Pass Labs X-250.5
Speakers: Magnepan 3.7's


Source 1: HTPC
Source 2: Oppo 103
Pre/Pro: Marantz AV-8801
Power Amp: Bryston 9B-ST
Fronts: Sonus Faber Liuto Towers
Center: Sonus Faber Liuto Smart Center
Surrounds: Sonus Faber Liuto Bookshelves
Subs: Dual SVS PC12-Pluses
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    Pretty.... I just got me a pair of those :smile:
    "....not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." William Bruce Cameron, Informal Sociology: A Casual Introduction to Sociological Thinking (1963)
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    HT:Polk LSiM 706 LSiM 705's VR3 LSiM 703's LSiM 702's| Marantz AV7702 | Sunfire TGA-7401 | Oppo BDP-103D | Sony PS4 | Directv Genie HD DVR | Samsung 64" Plasma | SVS PB13 Ultra | MIT EXP 2's (Fronts & Center)

    ManCave: Parasound Halo A21 | Parsound Halo A52+ | Marantz AV7004 AV PrePro | Usher Dancer Mini-x DMD's | Usher BE-616 Center | SVS Ultra Surrounds | SVS SB4000 Sub |Oppo UDP 203 | MIT Shotgun S3's | Marantz SA8004 SACD | Music Hall MMF 5.3se TT w/ Soundsmith Carmen | Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ | HP Elite Slice PC | Samsung 50" SUHD TV | Sony PS4 Pro

    Patio Polk Atrium 8's |Marantz 2252B |

    Office Bluesound Node2 | Polk SDA SRS 2.3 | Marantz 2385 |

    Bedroom Peactree Nova 125SE | Focal 905's | Bluesound Node | SVS SB2000 Sub

    Garage Yamaha R-N303BL | Polk Monitor 5B's

    Closet Yamaha M80 | 2 Polk MP2K subs| Yaqin MC100B with Shuguang Treasures KT 88's & CV181Z's | Tesla E83CC's |
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