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Just wondering where you got those bass horns. Do they make smaller versions for 10 or 8" drivers?

Do they give you that "horn sound"? It's hard to explain it but I'm hooked. You know, the way they "excite" the air in your room.


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    They are Bassmaxx B1 that I picked up from Rhino Acoustics in Houston, Texas. You can visit their website at http://bassmaxx.com

    I did see a prototype of a new horn that uses a trick little 10" at the Lone Star Bottleheads meeting I attended last weekend in Terrell Texas. You can see a picture of it on my website under the pictures for the Terrell meet: Lone Star Bottleheads Website
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    Thanks for the links. Great pics and gear from the Bottlehead page. Those things are way too big. My parents will kill me if I ever get one. I'll look around the net to find DIY pages on smaller bass horns. I think I'll try to build one this summer using an 8" driver and an outboard active x-over. Thanks.

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