Speaker Cable Ideas for Atrium 55s for Hot and Cold Use

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Anybody have a good idea on what kind of speaker cabling would work well with my Atrium 55s that I'm putting out in the elements? The big issue is that the temps might range from about -15 degrees to nearly +100 degrees as the seasons change. They will be mounted under the eaves of the roofline, aimed out over the backyard and deck. The cables will need to be about 15' to 25' long and will go from a mid-level Onkyo stereo receiver through one wall to the outside where they'll run up along the house siding and along (under) the eaves to the speakers.

The cables need to be able to be left in place year around and used in all weather conditions. It would also be nice if they could be painted to match the house once it warms up again.

Also, what might be the best way to terminate the cables? The Atrium 55s have 5-way binding posts on them. I was thinking that bare wire ends, tinned with solder might work OK.

Further, has anyone here used the Atriums in these kind of temperature extremes? If so, what did you think of their performance there?

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    If your going to,solder, pick up some silver solder it will oxidize less mad make a better connection.
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    You might look at that black low-voltage outdoor multi-conductor cable that is used for sprinkler systems and garden lighting. Connect 1/2 the wire to one terminal and the rest to the other.
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    Outdoor cable basically just has a waterproof jacket over standard speaker cable, no alien technology used here. I bought a roll from outdoor speaker depot. Been outside in Chicago weather now for 4 years, no problems. Speakers sit under my eves too. I should probably take them down this year and check the connections for oxidation.
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