Where to buy ASL online?

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Anybody know a good online store that sell ASL? I'm thinking about getting this integrated instead of getting the Dyna rebuilt. Shipping the Dyna is going to cost an arm and a leg. I'll buy this int and fix the Dyna in the future.

This is the model I'm looking at: http://www.divertech.com/aq1003dt.html
asl.jpg 78.7K
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  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    Jeffssoundvalues.com is an authorized dealer, and carries the full line.

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    I'm really enjoying the ASL amp that I bought from Russ (Hoosier21)!! I'll try to get a review posted this weekend if your interested.
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  • organorgan Posts: 5,022
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    Thanks Russ. I'll be ordering from there in a few months.

    Sounds great. I'm looking forward to reading the review.

    There's another int I might consider (forgot model #). A little bit more expensive though at $1300 but it's 50w/ch and it can be switched to triode operation at 29w/ch.

    That unit uses KT88 power tubes. Anybody know the difference between KT88 and EL-34?

  • organorgan Posts: 5,022
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    Found another interesting creature for under $1k. It's also 50w/ch. Looks a lot nicer than the ASL but not sure if it sounds better. What do you guys think about Jolida vs ASL?


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