Got some goods, need wiring help

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So after lots of research i've decided to finally do an install

mm6501 for the front- looking for an amp.. suggestions welcome- looking to go active per the suggestions of this forum

no rears

sr124dvc sub run by pa1200.01

also going to use an Ms8

so my question is in wiring it up, i know the ms8 only needs 8 gauge power- would i need 0 to a distribution block then 2 4's and an 8 or could one 4 converted to 2 4's and an 8 work?

my first install.. total noobie.. needs lots of help

i still need to pick up the ms8 and a sub for the mm6501's. I want to buy my wiring and wire up the sub this weekend.

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    Do you know how long the power wire will be from the battery to the distribution block? 19/20 times, the length will be at least 15', in which case I would recommend 1/0 to a distribution block, and split from there. If you're talking less than 10', then I'd say you'd be fine with 2. 4 would be too small.
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    yeah I think it'll be about 15 feet. i'm gonna make the run from the battery in the engine to the trunk... Any recommendations for an amp for the mm6501's?
    I was thinking of the pa500.4 but cant find one.. so i was thinking about 660.4's.. i chose the pa500.4 just because i saw other people had it

    also.. the ms8 has a remote out.. anyone know if the pa660.4 has a remote out as well.. i was trying to avoid using a relay when adding in the 2 amps after the ms8

    when picking fuses- is it based on the wire or based on the amps? Sorry for all the questions.. i've just seen different advice from
    different people.

    seems like knuconceptz and stinger are the popular wire brands