2 channel audio, cd or dvd player?

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When it comes to 2 channel audio will a dvd player like the Denon 2900 do as good of job as a dedicated cd player? I sold my California Audio Labs cd player some time ago and went with a lower end Panasonic dvd player to handle movie and music duties. At the same time I also got rid of my Adcom 565 preamp to go with a Denon 1802 receiver for theater. When I did this I noticed quite a change in sound quality. I just moved to the B&K Ref 50 and the movies sound much better but music is just marginaly improved. I'm thinking maybe I need to get a better player now? I'm satisfied with the Panasonic pq so I don't really care if I go with a dedicated cd player for 2 channel or move on up to the 2900 since it would also give me sacd. Any thoughts?
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    I'm of the opinion that seperate sources will always perform better than all in one units.
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    I'm with F1 on this one. My Denon 2200 (although not quite as nice as the 2900), for instance, suffers in comparison to my Jolida CD player with regard to redbook playback. The Denon has the ace in the hole, though, because it can play SACD & DVD-A, which waste all but the finest redbooks, and even then I'd rather listen to the hirez formats ... dynamics and depth, yum.

    Personally, I find it an uncomfortable time to be in, given that I'm an audio enthusiast; just so much new hardware and software, with undoubtedly much more in the offing. I think I'm just going to hold tight for a while and wait this thing out.

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    For 2 channel music only, I went the route of using fairly high-end vintage component amplifiers combined with a new DVD/CD/SACD player for source material. I am of the opinion that the vintage amplifiers are built better, have better specs, and will outperform the new "home theater" style recievers when listening to 2 channel audio.

    On the other side of the coin, I was told that even for 2 channel audio, the new DVD/CD/SACD players will outperform the older CD only style players. So, I just use a combo of the two (the new with the old). I also like the option of MP3 playback that the new DVD/CD/SACD players give. Although MP3 will never sound quite as good as regular music CDs, it's nice to have the equipment to be able to play it.

    I am no expert, but this is the approach I took.


    BTW, you may recongnize a Delphi XM Satellite Reciever on the top shelf of the rack. After listening to digital satellite radio, I gave away my vintage Pioneer TX9500 II tuner. No comparison at all. Not even close.

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