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Hey Guys, I'm new here. Just picked up my first boat ( Monterey 190 ) and getting ready to put in a new sound system. My problem is sub-woofer location. My only real option is in the back engine compartment, which has tons of room, with a 12" sub for enough airspace. I MAYBE could fit an 10" or 8" Sub under the drivers console and a small box, but then leg room could suffer. The engine compartment has 4 air escapes for ports, 2 going forward along the side and 2 heat exits in the rear. I'm curious if I will be able to hear it good being inside there ? All my friends have theirs out in the open and they rock, Ive never seen one in a compartment. THANKS !!!

Red circle shows vents


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    It's look very good!thanks for your sharing!!
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    i would say 1 10".

    usually the power handling is alot higher on them.
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    how about a open air driver ?
    Or build a isoberic clamshell design ( it will be 1/2 size cabinet ) thats nice :)
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