Speaker selection for Volvo V70 wagon

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I'm starting to look at replacing the full set of speakers in my Volvo V70R. I haven't done any car audio since about 1998, but I like Polk for their home speakers (I have vintage RTA-12's) and am trying to figure out if Polk is the answer for my car's audio.

A bit of background: The V70R was built 2004-2008 as the high-performance model (300hp/300ft-lb torque). They have a different interior from other V70's, and were built with Volvo's HU803 head-unit/external amp combo. The electronics are fine, but the speakers have been wearing out, getting buzzy and otherwise sounding bad. I don't play music very loud in the car.

The full complement of speakers is as follows (all behind Volvo grilles, so grill appearance isn't a factor):

Front doors, each: component system with 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter, 3.5" full-range angled up and to the middle of the car
Rear doors, each: 6.5" coaxial
Center dash: single 6.5" coaxial (need to explore the available mounting depth)
Rear corners by the wagon hatch door (that is, in the D pillars), each: 1" tweeter

From Polk, what I'm finding is that the MM series doesn't have a 3.5", the new DXi doesn't have a 3.5", the old DXi does have a 3.5", and the DB also has a 3.5". Also from Polk, I'm not finding much that describes the differences between the series.

So here are my questions:

1) What are the differences between the series aside from price and appearance? Which series do you prefer? Personal,subjective opinions are welcome!

2) Are bare tweeters available that match the rest of the MM series? (actually, I'm fairly sure that Customer Service could get them to me, but curious if anyone else has found them)

3) Are there more than just cosmetic differences between the old DXi series and the new DXi's??

4) Are the MM's voiced much like the DXi's (I'm thinking about tweeter voicing if I try to mix them up in the same vehicle, as I have possibly one shallow-depth 6.5" speaker position at the center channel speaker in the dash, and two 3.5" speaker positions in the front doors)

At this point, I think I'm leaning toward the DXi series, but could be swayed one way or another by awesome sound or awesome savings without giving up much in the sound. I am planning to seek the speakers out for auditioning, but the car stereo wall at a store is a terrible place for listening and they usually don't have the full complement of speakers available.

Thank you!