Psw10 Subwoofer emitting strange sound

RomeodaddyRomeodaddy Posts: 1
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Recently had to disconnect the sub to paint the room, was working fine. When I reestablished the subwoofer connection, the subwoofer emits a strange constant sound, sounds like ummmmmmmmmmm

Subwoofer connection to receiver (sub pre-out)
Y split cable to subwoofer
Low pass set to 180
Phase switch - have tried each position

Am I doing anything wrong? Did something happen to the subwoofer?

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  • MarkTXMarkTX Posts: 58
    edited October 2013
    unplug the cable going into the back of the subwoofer, is the hum gone? possible ground issues from the receiver, y-cable, etc. worse case you could float it. are you using the exact same power outlets, locations, cables, etc as before?
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