The Score

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I thougth this was a pretty cool movie. With Robert De Niro and Edward Norton it would be pretty hard for it to suck. The plot may have been a little slow to develop, but I liked it. The last twenty minutes or so was pretty tense and the ending was good. I recommend it. Now it's time for Micah to tell me the ten reasons why it sucked! :)

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    thanks for the review......I have picked up a copy about a week ago but I haven't watched it yet.....I haven't even watched his other movie/dvd 15 minutes that I purchashed several months ago.(I assume it wasn't as good as the Score)

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    What is this BS? >> Now it's time for Micah to tell me the ten reasons why it sucked! <<

    I haven't even see it yet! I've heard nothing but good stuff about it. I'll rent it this weekend, I hope.

    What if it's cool? I like this kind of heist movie! I can't wait to see it. Leave me alone.

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    Leave me alone.

    NEVER! MuuuuuuuHaaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaa

    Peace Out~:D
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    I can picture Micah having that conversation with himself......

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    just rented this last sunday, and i thought it was a great flick. a little slow, but i still liked the way it developed itself. last 15 minutes are great! gotta go buy it!
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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