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So here's the deal. I have been slowly noticing that I can tell more and more when my speakers are really starting to reach their max limit. I am running a set of db6501 components off a Sundown 125x2 amp. The amp is 125x2 @ 4 ohm and 200x2 @ 2 ohm so I know I have more power than I will be able to use with almost any speaker, thats fine.

What I cant stand is that when I turn it up I notice it starts to just get really congested between the lows and highs and any sense of separation is gone. And the louder it goes the worse it gets.

The speakers are about 6 years old or more so I dont know if its possible I simply am to the point its an age thing with the speakers and replacing them with "new" 6501's would fix it or if its something else.

I am curious if I were to replace the db's with say the MOMO's from Polk if I would notice more of that separation or not. I am also open to other suggestions for speakers besides what I have now, but if possible keep it sub 200 as I am planning on watching and waiting to get the best price on something.

While I am betting the SR's would be AWESOME, I dont have the kinda dough they go for and honestly I dont think I need to step up that much.

In addition should I really be looking more at spending my money on a sub and amp again so I can move the low's off the db's and let them just handle the mid's and high's? Or will the MOMO's be enough of an upgrade I can pass on the sub for now?

I am not against getting another small amp and a sub as my car still has the distribution block in the trunk to run another amp. If I should look at another sub, suggestions are needed there as well. I haven't really looked in a long time. More than likely I would be wanting something to put in a sealed box of some sort. Again keep it ~200ish for both if possible. I am ok with using Polks ebay site, scouring CL, etc.

Just looking for the best way forward.

PS. Here are the spec's for my amp: http://www.sundownaudio.com/index.php/products/discontinued/item/sax-1252.html

It does show in the owners manual that it can run a set of speakers and a sub off this one amp, but they have to be a 4-8 ohm load, so I dont know if that will work or not...

Manual here (referencing three channel tri-mode, third diagram): http://www.sundownaudio.com/pdfs/SAX504_1004_1252.pdf
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    "....not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." William Bruce Cameron, Informal Sociology: A Casual Introduction to Sociological Thinking (1963)
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    Sounds like youre reaching the limits of those speakers and theyre starting to distort. Its kinda weird thought because usually when a speaker is hitting its limits, itll start bottoming out and youll notice it in the low end. If its the midrange that is distorting then that kinda sounds like the amp could be slightly clipping and youre getting distortion thru your speakers. If your gains are set above the 10:00 position then its possible its set too high and youre clipping. If its 10:00 or below then youre probably alright.

    Going with some higher quality speakers can definitely help. Even if there is nothing wrong with your amp or your DB's, the MM's would be a significant upgrade for you.
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