"hunny, we are gonna have a baby!"

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Will somebody please help this great guy out?!? Though he could obviously return this brand new $2800 (sale priced at $2500) Dresden Acoustics DS-10 (that's their TOTL!!) 5.1 system and get his $2500 back, since he literally just got it, he is willing to take at least a $700 loss just to do one of us a real solid! Seriously, what a great guy! He's so excited about what's going on in his life that he seems to even be a little confused as to whether his fianc
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    awwww...isn't he creative
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    He smokes crack
    Randy in Maine
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    Awesome, it comes with instillation wires. It's like they implant music in your ears.
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    Why would he not just return it for refund....? CAUSE IT'S STOLEN....HOT HOT HOT I say

    somethings fishy.
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    Common white van speakers, not stolen.
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    Ha....What a D-Bag! I just clicked on the link again and he's now down to $1250 OBO, after being at $2000 yesterday a.m. and $1800 yesterday p.m.

    Moral of the story: Add Dresden Acoustics to your White Van Speaker Scam (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_van_speaker_scam) brands list.
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