Sim Audio Moon i-5080

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I've come across this little intergrated, I was late by about 5months but heard from a trusted source that it would be a great mate for the LSi's. Overall its more power then others such as the Bryston B60 and other offerings. And is raved for its overall dynamics. Speed, bass and dynamics. The only knock i've heard thus far is that the detail is lackluster in comparison to the Musical Fidelity and Jeff Roland Concentra. (both are alot more money). It offers a home theatre by pass so I could use it as a pre/power down the road and still allow my Home theatre receiver to adjust volume control even in two channel for stereo.

Used I could pickup one for as low as $900 Canadian if I looked hard enough. My uncle had one and let it go about 5months ago for just over $1k. I was wondering if anybody had had any experience with Moon stuff. If any Canadian users know of any good places to check for used stuff
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