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    Depends on the amplifier. Variable Gain is also found in another brand, Parasound. Parasound had adjustable gain, since around 1996, so I would presume that it isn't a new feature per se...just the application into HT became more popular.

    NAD is another recommended great choice.
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    In my opinion you are worrying too much at this point. Power is power and you need as much as you can afford. I personally would never choose a NAD over an adcom, unless the power specs prove a difference. (not to demean the NAD). Inputs? If you can get the signal into it and out of it who cares. My soundcraftsmen amps have 1/4" inputs. I wouldn't trade them for more standard inputs. They happen to have input level attenuaters as well. They are always set to 100% always because the preamps I've had have always delivered the correct input to them. For example, even supposing the attenuaters are there, what if the preamp output is not high enough?? You are still screwed. Buy and worry later if you have a specific problem.

    I'm taking this attitude only because you may get a single componet in your system at any time that does not work well with everything else. No matter how much you fret over it you will not stop it from happening. If you buy smartly you can always sell the offending componet for the same price (or higher) than you paid for it. (unless of course you have to have a new unit from a good audio store with a warranty etc, etc, etc... Over and over I see equipment my friends buy "new" from audio boutiques that they take a 50% loss on if they have to sell it. They look at my system and wonder how the hell I have what I have because they know they make over twice what I do. You take your chances buying used sometimes but in the end you get twice what you pay for.


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    In my experience 2 low budget amps that bridge to 300 watts are not sonically equal to a single 300 wpc amplifier (insert whatever wattage figure you would like).

    In other words, I would choose the Aragon over the Adcoms or NADs. This is simply on the principle above, as I have not heard the Aragon. Please do a listen for yourself. You are considering OOP amps, but I would bet if you went into your local B&M store and A-B'ed a pair of bridged adcoms or nads with an aragon amp that whatever your choice was between the newer amps would also be your preference for the older amps.

    In brief, buy the Carver I offered you :D