Nice NAD 3140 integrated amp CLASSIC

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NAD 3140 integrated amp. This was made by NAD 1981 to around 1983. it is a 40 wattt per channel dual; mono high current unit.

Stereo Review gave it a great review in the early 80s and measured their sample at 73 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 94 into 4 ohms with a dynamic output of 201 into 2 ohms . Not bad for a 40 watt amp. They said to think of it as an 80 to 100 watt amp of expetional quality with versatilty and features found nowhere else.

This unit is in good shape and everything works HOWEVER the original owner was a purist and did two mods. 1) the soft clipping has been bypassed for better sound and (2) I think he bypassed the speaker selector so the A is always working as is the headphone jack. I have heard of folks doing this so it does not surprise me. The unit also has a slight turn on thump but I had one of these brand new in 1983 and it did that also.

On the front from left to right: power on/off with indicator light; headphone jack socket; speaker selector; speaker equailsation selector; bass and treble tone controls; infrasonic filter; mono; record selector for AUX (cd), tuner, Phono, tape 1, tape 2; Input selector for phono 1, phono 2, aux (cd), tuner, tape 1, tape 2; Muting and Loudness selector buttons; concentric balance and volume knob; LED output meter lights above.

On the back from left to right: moving coil and moving magnet input (with switch for capacitance 100P, 200P, 320P) and ground wire screw; Tuner AUX (cd) ;Tape loop 1 with phono or 5 pin DIn options; Tape loop 2; main in and pre out sockets for use with a separate pre amplifier input or for output to a power amplifier, providing an upgrade path; Lab in sockets; bridging input for use as mono power amp with a second amp and pre-amplifier feeding both; SLC (speaker lead compensator); soft clipping protection switch; spring clip terminals for 2 pairs of speakers; and pwoer cord which has been repaired as I( use a detachable cord with my gear.

Check my feedback Asking $109 or BO Thanks,Keith
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    Nice amp Keith! I had one of those for my computer rig for a while. I replaced it with the 7175PE receiver (mainly to get a tuner), but not because the 3140 was short on power. They are definitely capable of much more than the ratings suggest. I ran a set of Monitor 7 with them and they sounded great. Your price is great too. I believe I sold my 3140 for more than $200. It is probably NADs best sounding integrated. GLWS.
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    I bought one of these from Keith a year ago for my garage rig. Monitor 10's sound great with it. Only a little better using it as a pre w my 200 watt Rotel amp. Good guy to deal with. Especially local deals! GLWYS. Darryl
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    This would be ideal for a patio/garage/shop rig. Nice!
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