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What is Crystal Method's new CD and is any good?
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    saw them once ,thought they sucked!

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    Hi, this is your first post a! I might get snapped at for this but I havent found any body that listens to cool music like this at this site. Classic rock and Berry Manalow. I have not heard the new CM except for acouple singles and they were pretty good. And by the way, CM is not a new drug but electronic agrresive music. Later:cool:
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    I use the Vegas album to demo speaks in stores all the time, has some great tracks on it. If the new one is anything on par with 'vegas', I would say it is more than worthwhile.

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    the vegas album is awesome! haven't gotten a chance to pick up the new album. i've heard 2 tracks off of it, and they seemed to be pretty good... it's on my 'to-buy' list
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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    I DJ in a club and usually play some Crystal Method all the time.

    The main track on Tweekend is #5, Name of the Game. Very cool song. From the Vegas CD, #4, High Roller is my favorite. The latest Polk paper has a review of the Vegas CD. Tweekend is not as good as Vegas though.

    Some of my other favorite songs that I play...

    Rammstein - "Du Hast"
    KMFDM - remixed version of "Light"
    Paul Oakenfold - Swordfish soundtrack #3, "Unafraid"

    Any others???

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    Carpenters, If I Had a Hammer.
  • Steve@3dai[email protected] Posts: 983
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    Tweekend is good, but definately not as good as Vegas. I would mark Vegas as a classic album that influenced a lot of other bands.

    Man, good club tracks? The list would never end... hehe

    Anything Paul van Dyk, BT, etc...

    - Steve
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  • ntculenuffntculenuff Posts: 1,155
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    definitly a good album..great tracks. i too like vegas a little more but tweekend is worth the $$..saw them for the tweekend tour uber zone opened for them what a show. my freind might be opening for them new years in cali.
    i would suggest buying uber zones 3 is goooooood
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  • Steve@3dai[email protected] Posts: 983
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    Yep, Faith in the Future is a good album as well. I've noticed a rash of quality electronica as opposed to the crap that we hear on the radio :)

    - Steve
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  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    Hey John (Strong), do me a favor when you get a chance: Post a longer list (10, 20 tracks) of club favorites that would make great demo cuts for speaker demo rooms. Include artist, CD title and track #, as well as what is cool about it ("lots of low end," etc.). Make a new thread of it. When you get a chance.

    (And have a great holiday weekend!)

    Thanks, man.

    [email protected]

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