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Ok guys here I am again. Anyone who'd been in the car audio & electonics forum knows me by now. I'm getting ready to install a new amp to run my 4 full range speakers, I currently have 1 amp running my 12" sub.

My current amp is simply mounted to the sub box that I built for my sub. Now that I'm adding a second amp that will run all 4 speakers I need a more permanent mounting solution.

I've been planning on bolting a piece of wood to the back of my back seat, covering it with speaker box carpet, and mounting the amps to that. I'm not looking to do anything very custom or trick, or expensive. I was wondering though if there any matierals that would be better to use then wood? Any recommendations on a cheap solution for putting a cover over them to protect them, that will still allow air flow?

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    was there a problem with mounting them to the back wall under the window?
    in my truck, taking off the carpet to the seat is really easy, theres this plastic lip that holds it together at the bottom, undo that, and the carpet is velcroed on both sides all the way to the top of the seat
    so if i were you, id take the carpet off the back of the seat and put the wood under that(and i think wood is the best way to go, something light, 2ply plywood should be good enough i would think) and **** the wood into the seat some how(making sure no screws go really deep, wouldnt be very comfortable for the people riding in the back seat)
    then i would cover it up with the seat carpet, velcro it back, put the lip back together and mount the amps to that
    only bad thing is youd have to unscrew the amps to get the back seat out, but if you dont ever need to take your back seat out, then it shouldnt be much of a problem