PA880 Help Needed - Protection Light

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Let me start off, I received this amp as a gift from a family member and was purchased through Best Buy. I installed the amp this afternoon and everything seemed fine. I also installed 2 brand new Dxi104 dvc's at the same time, As said in the manual I played music at little less than medium to run them in for about a half hour. I had the gain turned to about 1/4 of the knob. I checked the amp several times to make certain that it was not getting hot. After the half hour, It worked flawless and sounded killer. I turned off the truck and went in. I came back out about 1-2 hours later and the amp was in protection mode. I checked all the connections and fuses, I even ran a new remote power wire and still the same. I am missing something? Is there anything I should check? I disconnected the power wire and I am going to leave it off until I can figure out something. Thanks.
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    How did you wire the subs? Also, sometimes if you're not careful, tiny strings of wire can cross over to the other terminal, causing a small short. So check your connections!
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