WRX Install Part 1

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Well, we finally finished up my install on my 2002 Subaru WRX Sportwagon yesterday. The install was done at Extreme Sounds in Austin, TX (N. Lamar location) by Billy. The install consisted of:

JVC SH-99 Head unit (best MP3 capable HU out there, IMO)
Polk EX3 6.5" Components in front doors
Polk EX3 5.25" Coax in rear doors
Zapco Reference 200 2ch amp driving all 4 speakers in parallel
Zapco SymLink connections
Dynamat Extreme in front doors (complete door)

First off, Billy did an excellent job on the install, very professional and clean. Looks completely stock except for the HU.

The sound quality is awesome! After messing with the amp gain and the head unit EQ, I have it sounding great. The midbass drivers give enough low end to shake my side mirrors, while still having very little if no distortion. The imaging it awesome, the tweeters do a admirable job of centering the vocals in the soundstage. Overall, a great sounding system. It's not a SQ or SPL system, but it does just fine for me.

Part 2 will be adding another Zapco Reference 200 amp and a Polk GNX 10" 4ohm sub in a custom MDF box for the side wheel well.

Pictures will follow soon!

- Steve
LSi 9/C/FX
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    how did you get the speakers to clear the windos?
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    Well, two things.

    1. We spaced the window track back about 1/4", that gave us a little more room.

    2. Custom spacer. We took a plastic 1/4" spacer and ground it to an angle.

    Here's a page with pictures with more detail.


    I've seen people just spacing the speakers out to fit them, THIS IS A BAD THING! Not only are you not sealing the speaker in the door (better bass response) but you are more than likely rubbing the surround on your door panel.

    - Steve
    LSi 9/C/FX
    Arcam AVR-200
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