WTB CS1000P,FX 500,and or FX1000's

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Hi there!This is my first post here and glad to be among you guys now.I use to own these speakers a couple of years ago and had to sell them to raise some cash,I am now trying to build the same system I once had.I am looking for a used CS1000p Center channel and a pair of FX500's and or some FX1000's.They must be in black and in excellent condition.If you got any of these speakers please shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss price.Also if any of you guys know where I can find these anywhere else please let me know.I've tried Audiogon and Videogon with no luck so far.Thanks:D
Old School stuff
Sunfire Theater Grand Processor
Sunfire Cinema Grand 225x5 Amp
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Polk FX500's
(2) 2700 watt Sunfire Signature Subs
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