Digital terminator for digital outputs?

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Has anyone tried a "digital terminator" on their CD/SACD player?

Any opinions on how well they work?
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    I know that jumping analog outputs is a bad idea because you are sending the output voltage back into the unit, and I would assume the same is true with a digital output. It may work for the inputs, but since the seller suggests using them on the output, I wouldn't trust him unless I'm missing something...
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    My Lector DCP came with a "digital terminator" installed and instructions to keep it in place when using the analog outputs. I have not experimented with it removed so I cannot comment on if there is any true sonic benefit.
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    Save your $20.They are just shunting the digital output to ground through a $.02 resistor.How this will improve the analog outputs is sheer audio mysticism IMO .
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    Yeah, I wasn't placing too much faith in it doing a whole lot. I don't hear people raving about it, so I think I'll just skip it. I was more curious to see if anyone had tried it and was like "YES, DO IT!" :eek: haha
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