How do I hookup this RM-1000w Subwoofer?

cza79cza79 Posts: 3
I recently got my hands on two Polk RM-1000w Subwoofers
and i'm not sure how to hook them up. theres 5 connectors
sorta like this:

(+)__( B)__(+) [key] + = red, - = Black, B = Blue??
(- )_______(- )

Anyways theres a small wire going from
one of the positives to Blue
and another wire going from negative to negative
thats how they came when I got them.. Its just pretty confusing to me.. Should I take off these small connection wires?

Also does anyone know how much RMS / Peak they handle?
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  • PolkThugPolkThug Posts: 7,528
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    In audio, blue is usually a remote turn-on wire, meaning if the blue wire gets a current, the amp/radio/whatever will turn on. I have no experience with the speaker you talk about, so this may or may not be the case.

    You might want to contact Polk directly on this one.

  • cza79cza79 Posts: 3
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    Cool man, didn't know that.. Ya I went to the polk website I guess this model is ancient cuz its not even on there.
  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,191
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    Call Polk for the info. But, you will not use the blue post. Connect your right speaker out on the receiver + - to the top red and black post and the left speaker out on your receiver to the other + - posts. Then run wires off the same posts to the appropriate right/left speakers.
  • cza79cza79 Posts: 3
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    Cool Thanks
  • ericerikericerik Posts: 4
    so the subs basically wired in parallel with the l and r full range correct?
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 13,517
    Ummm 16 yo old thread i think they may have figured out how to do it or they have new subs.
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