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when putting a port in a box, which side should the port be located? the same side as the speaker, on top, other sides? right now it'll be in a hatchback car but it'll be moved to a car with a trunk later.

might as well kill two questions with one post.. the port needs to be 3" diameter and 10.40" which tunes to 35hz.. is it possible to change the diameter to make the port length shorter? its going to be tough to fit a 10" port in a 1 cu ft box. how would i go about doing the calcs? thanks
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    I seem to be asking some questions that are too tough or something.. (if they were retarded I'm sure I'd at least some positive feedback)Only 1 not-so-sure response from all 3 of my posts in all 3 message boards.. ha


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    it's purely discretionary... just don't put them on the bottom ;p

    i believe the rule of thumb for ports is to double the diameter of the port and that's the minimum distance you want to keep the port from the nearest surface... if you have a 3" port in the rear of the box facing the seat, you want the box 6" from the seat... hope that helps :D
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    the port should be located on the same plane as the sub to avoid cancalation issues...however...all vehicles are different and have different characteristics.....take the crx box for example....subs up ports back...works great in that vehicle...but best bet is still same side as the sub;)
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