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This past weekend, I watched so many damn movies! I couldn't stop myself. And after each movie, I'd play with the color, contrast, convergence, etc... It just kept getting better and better. Then I sat down with Avia on Sunday and went through as many test screens as I could handle. Popped in Gladiator -- holy crap. The display was awesome.

I'm a still running component out from the DVD player into the tv. I was thinking of getting a progressive scan but I'm not sure how much that would improve things. I've been reading up on the subject, but I've got to question -- how much of a difference will there really be? When I read, "the picture was bad" on a dvd player, I go back to my house and think, "what the hell was he talking about"? Are dvd player reviews becoming so elite that wouldn’t be worth the dough for the progressive scan?

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    glad to hear you're enjoying the new TV. as for progressive, it is a noticible difference, and i think if you have the TV that is capable of it, it IS a worthwhile upgrade for the $$$. as for differences from progressive player to progressive player, those differences are a bit more subtle. you can get a JVC for about $250, or a couple of 'hi-end' models for $1500. i think you can get something for under $400 that will outplay any non-progressive scan player out their. it think that's a great upgrade for the price, but then again i paid $450 for my player 3 years ago, so now that you can get progressive scan capable players for less than that it seems like a deal to me. if you happy with what you have, keep it. upgrade to a progressive scan when your current player kicks it. if you're dying for even better picutre quality, bring one home and hook it up (if you have a place near bye that will let you demo one). good luck on your search. the price for quality regarding progressive scan is a hot topic right now, and lots of different opinions, let you eyes decide.
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    shouldn't your locations read. "in 57" heaven" now???
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    A lot will depend on the qulaity of the line-doubler in your TV.

    You will notice a sharper, cleaner, more detailed and smoother picture with a progressive scan player.

    What have you got to loose. With all these shops running 30 day return policies, if you do not like the PS player, your out a little time, thats it.

    Just remember, when you hook up a PS player, you need to recalibrate all over again. Fun!

    With the cash you dropped on that TV, do yourself a favor and take advantage of all that DVDs have to offer.

    Peace Out~:D
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