HTPC and the Best Sound / Picture Possible....

disneyjoe7disneyjoe7 Posts: 11,520
edited July 2012 in Going Digital
So if digital what parts could be used in making the best sounding / picture possible?

What Mobo / CPU does speed effect noise?

What PS / anyone making clean power?

What Video card / HDMI yes but what works best?

Does anything stand out in these areas?

Carver Amazing Fronts
CS400i Center
RT800i's Rears
Sub Paradigm Servo 15

Conrad Johnson PV-5 pre-amp
Parasound Halo A23
Pioneer 84TXSi AVR
Pioneer 79Avi DVD
Sony CX400 CD changer
Panasonic 42-PX60U Plasma
WMC Win7 32bit HD DVR

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