Bee Gees (one night only)

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I can't help it, but I have to admit that this DVD is one of the best concert DVD that I have seen so far. The picture quality is great and the sound is also very good..... the entire surround sound is two thumbs up...I find the concert is almost live in my living room . ( if anyone likes Celine Dion...she's singing a solo-Immortality in chp 24....)I also have the Eagles hell freezes over but I enjoyed the this one more. (just my own/wife opinion) ...however, alot of my friends at first made fun of me when I bought this DVD....they all keep calling me mr disco but after watching it.....who cares!!!!

I just finally finishing watching the vcd of Pearl Harbour....I find it a very entertaining movie....good start and a good ending.....the beginning is great for the females and as the bombing starts the guys will be taking over and near the end both should enjoy!

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