Max Payne 3

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Who is playing?

I just finished the single player campaign. Probably one of the better single player experiences I've had in a game. The story is engrossing enough that all other games and interests got put on hold once the story had my attention. I was really concerned about Rockstar not doing the series justice and the change in environment certainly added to that worry. They did a great job with this entry into the series and I would love to see them tackle the next game if there is one.
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    I'm playing it, albeit slowly between playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Prototype 2. Still working on the campaign, and I haven't even tried the multiplayer yet. But yeah, Rockstar hit this one out of the park! Fantastic game!
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    Just learned the game has its own soundtrack. Its pretty good.
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    Just played through the first two chapters today. Just going through in my spare time on medium (the easiest setting), but it's running almost perfectly at 1680x1050 with everything set to high, and I'm loving it! Makes me wanna reinstall GTAIV and shoot things up!
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    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
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    I had a friend finished MP3 and it inspired him to fire up GTA4 also. I like how I played medium difficulty also, and it was probably what most other games these days would consider hard.
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