For Sale: Polk DB10 Subwoofer in Box

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4 ohm Polk DB10 subwoofer in a slope-backed cabinet. I installed this a while back in my wife's Subaru, and between the fact that it takes up too much valuable grocery space, and that most of her listening is to Diane Rehm, I decided to build a small under-seat sub for her. Needless to say, this sub is in very good condition. The metal grille is a little dented from objects sharing the space with it. The heavy gray fabric is a little frazzled on top, but undamaged. The driver was originally about $200, and the cabinet was about $100.

It's a great sounding sub, very tight and musical, and plenty of bump when you want it (but not the kind that rattles your license plate). It also sounds great for Car Talk. Click and Clack really rock the house.

The top dimensions are 9.5" deep x 15.5" wide, the face is 12.25" high x 15.5" wide, and the bottom is 12.75" deep (3.25" deeper than the top). The driver is surface-mounted, and the grille assembly protrudes about an inch total from the face.
I do NOT want to put this on craigslist and get inundated by idiotic questions and lowball offers from every jackleg yahoo, wagon-wheeled sedan driver, and tejano-cranking jackass in DFW, so I'm just selling it here. Comes with pristine original manual. Isn't that just awesome!?

Power handling is 300 watts RMS, 600 peak.

I'd rather sell it locally, but I'm willing to ship from my FedEx account if you'll cover all the costs. Don't ask me how much to ship, just assume it's $25 and maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.