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Finally getting my Polk LSi theatre finalized so no longer need these surround speakers. I would rate them 8/10 on the Audiogon scale, but will list them here as 7/10 to ensure the buyer is pleasantly surprised. No damage or issues, just rather be conservative. These are bipolar surrounds and below is some info from Def Tech:

BP2X :Overview

Bipolar dispersion pattern (speakers on front and back) for totally enveloping surround sound that puts you in the action
The same highest quality components as Definitive?s front channel speakers for seamless soundstaging
Two 5-1/4 inch die cast basket drivers and two 1 inch Pure Aluminum dome tweeters
Easy wall mount system included
Available only as a matched pair

The BP2X is built to the same high construction and performance standards as Definitive?s main left and right front speakers and includes features like high-definition bass/midrange drivers with butyl rubber surrounds, wide-dispersion pure aluminum dome tweeters with magnetic cooling fluid, complex Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks and solid monocoque cabinets with diffraction-less grille/baffle interfaces. It can be mounted to a wall with the supplied plate or placed on a shelf or stand for the ultimate in surround sound realism.

They retailed at $269 each, but am selling them for $230 with shipping and paypal included. I will try and upload some pictures tomorrow, but I think most are familiar with these and their appearance. It would be easier to email pictures to interested parties until then, so just shoot me over a PM with any requests. :cheesygrin:
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  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    Bump at $200 shipped, great deal, but gotta get some stuff cleared out of here.
  • fastroadsfastroads Posts: 2
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    Are the speakers still available?
  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
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    Yes, but there is a PM that might have dibs. PM me with your info if you want next shot at them. :)
  • leroyjr1leroyjr1 Posts: 8,799
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    Don't think he can PM with only one post, he needs 10.
  • fastroadsfastroads Posts: 2
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    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I cannot pm anyone yet. If the speakers become available, please keep me updated. I would like the next dibs.

  • blueboxerblueboxer Posts: 622
    edited June 2012
    Available again, let me know.
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